No. 29—2024


Galerie Droste

Moses & Taps™

Info: Working in opposition to an expected structure that is intended to organize the course of everyday public life and the public gaze is one of the key conceptual foundations of the artist collective Moses & Taps™. In their second solo exhibition ZEITGEIST™ at Galerie Droste, this is concretized by using a supposedly order-creating public object as an artistic starting point, the dysfunction of which ultimately leads to chaos. In eight large-format works on canvas, the collective works with the aesthetic basis of the grid structure of digital screens that constantly surround us – be it on railway platforms, airports or adverts. Moses & Taps™ break up the rigid structure of the display panels, giving them an organic disorder and thus remaining in the contrasting, exciting and sensitive moment of order and chaos.

Galerie Droste Moses und Taps ArtJunk