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Trust Issues

Antonia Freisburger

Info: Antonia Freisburger creates surreal visual worlds that emanate from her fascination with everything unknown in our universe. With painterly condensations of multiple layers, free-flowing surfaces, and colorful, luminous, expanding forms, the artist attempts to approach the unspeakable with her sensitivity to the environment. Immersing us in a reality that seems fictitious, independent of time and place. In her first solo exhibition at Galerie Droste, entitled Trust Issues, Freisburger goes a step further and confronts the subconscious as the source of her artistic inspiration. While she initially saw painting as an escape from reality, she now consciously embraces the construct of emotions conditioned by dreams, suffering, desire, our existence and everything beyond, which has accompanied her work from the beginning. (…)

Galerie Droste Antonia Freisburger ArtJunk