No. 30—2024

The Body Electric


Koen Delaere

Info: In his third exhibition at VAN HORN Koen Delaere shows a whole new, highly energetic body of work created during the last year in which the world was upside down – in  turmoil and standstill at the same time. Confined mostly to his studio, the artist recollected his innate energies, reflected them and poured them onto the canvas in a fearless and exhilarated act of pure painting. Koen Delaere’s paintings come from and through the body in an almost archaic process involving music, movement, emotion and sheer muscle.They are highly enjoyable and speak directly to our sense perception, without necessarily having to take the detour through our analytical minds. Just dive into the power of color and form – no preconceptions needed – and joyn the dance of The Body Electric.

Van Horn Koen Delaere ArtJunk