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strike a pose: POISE. Anys Reimann X Samir Duratovic

Anys Reimann, Samir Duratovic

Info: Having an attitude can mean grace, an upright gait, a beautiful neck line…. but above all, the pure embodiment of an inner attitude and contemporary individual identity. We, Anys Reimann and Samir Duratovic, have taken the motto of the festival literally and used it as the occasion for a special creation, which immaterially and delicately, through its special composition, reinforces the aura of a personality. The POISE perfume. It was our wish to express our thoughts of the here and now – with our head in the future and our feet on the ground – of humanity and standing, invisible but noticeable. This unique chemistry, our human scent, which distinguishes us so much from others and also enables a close relationship with the environment, is to be underlined and affirmed through the medium of our delicate fragrance. A combination of originality and the sensation of warm skin: made from proportions of xx and xy, balsamic and earthy, with a hint of freshness, our perfume defines a desirable physicality and highlights the character of the individual. POISE also signifies the gift of serenity, a balance of forces and senses to contour a precious spirit… poise. Top notes: Mint, ozony air notes / Heart notes: Soft amber, pine needles, pepper / Base: vetiver, dry woods / on the occcasion of the strike a pose festival.

Van Horn Anys Reimann Samir Duratovic ArtJunk

Le Féminin

Anys Reimann, Meg Lipke

Info: VAN HORN is pleased to present a double exhibition of works by Anys Reimann and Meg Lipke. The exhibition celebrates working with different media and the resulting forms of expression that interact and reinforce each other. What both artists have in common is this physical experience of their works. Lipke’s painting-sculptures and Reimann’s sculpture-collages. Bodies sewn from fabric, faces from paper, from leather, painted with oil and acrylic. It is a process of exhaling, of allowing oneself to move out of the framework attributed from the outside, a concession given to oneself to expand, to grow. Viewing and encountering the works of Anys Reimann and Meg Lipke is a somatic, sensual and multi-dimensional experience.

Van Horn Anys Reimann ArtJunk