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True Grit

Merlin Carpenter, Isa Genzken, Fabian Ginsberg, Hannes Heinrich, Seb Koberstädt, Klaus Merkel, Meuser, Reinhard Mucha, Gerda Scheepers, Ulrike Schulze, Mirko Tschauner, Heimo Zobernig – curated by Jana Schröder and Alexander Warhus

Info: What does it mean to name an exhibition True Grit? It means dealing with this term and, as a result, with motivation, perseverance, and determination that are always in service to a greater purpose. It’s not about the specific task, it’s about the why, about the big picture. (…) On the one hand, the exhibition reflects an absolutely open approach to materials and practices: the works range from beer and cocoa or fabric on canvas all the way to raw metal and delicate industrial scrap. On the other hand, the works express through their artistic qualities an urge to elicit radical disruptions in the act of viewing. Complex processes provoke a detachment from existing realities and thought processes. No longer are there any entrenched views; there remains only the motivation to do things differently. (…)

Linn Lühn Merlin Carpenter et al ArtJunk