No. 30—2024

The Wig

Markus Lüttgen

Jason Hirata, Megan Plunkett, Angharad Williams – conceived by Gianmaria Andreetta & Angharad Williams

Info: The title of the exhibition borrows from the widely discussed notion of La Perruque, (The Wig in English) coined by philosopher Michel de Certeau in his book The Practice of Everyday Life, published in 1984, to look at current predicaments around value production and value extraction in the workplace. The term broadly refers to any type of work one does under the guise of working for one’s employer. Practicing The Wig can be anything as simple as using the company’s computer to write personal emails during office hours. The worker who engages in the wig says De Certeau actually diverts time which differs from pilfering in that nothing of material value is stolen.


The exhibition is part of a year-long exhibition series in Mönchengladbach with a changing focus by the galleries DREI and Markus Lüttgen.

DREI Galerie The Wig ArtJunk