No. 30—2024

Schaufler vs. Schaufler. Bischd au do?


Matthias Schaufler & Aksel Schaufler

Info: The past collaborations between painter Matthias Schaufler and his younger brother, musician and DJ Aksel Schaufler, consist of two albums and a compilation. The latter of which released under his alter ego Superpitcher between 2004 and 2016 on the Cologne-based label Kompakt, for which paintings by Matthias Schaufler were used as cover art. If one knows of the pronounced emotion, sensitivity close to the pain threshold, vulnerability and devotion with which Aksel Schaufler has surrounded his musical work: as if with a wall of sweat and tears. One might suspect what closeness two people, be they brothers, friends, or lovers, is just about bearable. But also the imperative to add something of oneself to the art of the other.

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