No. 21—2024

Art of Another Kind. A New Approach to Post-War Abstraction


Afro, Erwin Bechtold, Bram Bogart, Peter Brüning, Carl Buchheister, Karl Fred Dahmen, Hisao Dōmoto, Winfred Gaul, K.O. Götz, Hans Hartung, Gerhard Hoehme, Norbert Kricke, Christian Megert, Georges Noël, Jean Piaubert, Giuseppe Santomaso, Emil Schumacher, Jaroslav Serpan, K.R.H. Sonderborg, Fred Thieler, Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam, Fritz Winter, Wols, Herbert Zangs

Info: The surprising freshness, dynamism and presence of outstanding works made some 70 years ago demonstrate the enduring impact and timeless relevance of the abstract visual language of that time. This Art of Another Kind is of existential importance for the European cultural selfunderstanding and for our contemporary conception of the freedom of art.

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