No. 30—2024

To feel like a dirty snake is not good


Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny

Info: Presentation of the new release Phantom Seance Ballett. Whether they are crows or aliens cawing does not make any difference when one stands in the open field with the sky flickering. And whether this field is a danger room in a video game, a dark room on the rooftop of a club or a spiritual temple with video archive is not relevant to the question whether the helicopter is about to take off or if the train will stop priorly. Are there birds in the back in the jungle, vociferously hiding away, or is a mass check-in happening at the airport without the masses? In the meantime one has to decide whether one hears voices on the ghost train ride calling faithfully, or ghosts, resounding through the SOS. And when you’ll be found, will you and your blackbox be trusted to confirm the chronological facts? What did really happen at the Phantom Seance Ballett?

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