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Time Takes a Cigarette

Alexander Voigt, Arno Beck, Daniel Schubert, David Benedikt Wirth, Eberhard Havekost, Jacqueline Hess, Jinseok Lee, Jiseong Boo, Klara Virnich, Malwina Steinhoff, Norman Begert, Sandra Schlipkoeter, Sevina Tzanou, Sophie Ullrich, Thorben Eggers

Info: Ruttkowski;68 presents the group exhibition Time Takes a Cigarette by students of the Havekost-masterclass at R;68 in Cologne. The diverse positions are interconnected through the shared experience of learning and growing under Eberhard Havekost’s guidance at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Accumulated within a common exhibition space, they offer multifaceted insights into various focal points and approaches to the processing of personal influences, current conditions, and their medial translation. Through unbiased engagement with the interplay of form and material, color and structure, technique and motif, the artists translate their subjective perceptions into a space-filling concentration. Encouraged to experiment, explore, and self-reflect, they have developed strong individual visual languages. In the spirit of Havekost, their art offers personal resonances and expands the realm of artistic expression. Each work invites the viewer to engage deeply, fostering a mutual dialogue. For the first time this constellation of artists is shown together with works by Eberhard Havekost, framing a survey of their roots and expansions. (…)

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