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Involved in Gravity

Aurel Dahlgrün, Tomas Kleiner

Info: The first man-made photograph of the entire planet Earth, Nasa image: AS-16-2593, original chromogenic print, 1968. The historic moment when man first left his home planet was marked by the Apollo 8 mission in 1968. This was a milestone for human consciousness, as William Anders, James Lovell and Frank Borman were the first people to see the Earth as a sphere floating in space. On December 25, 1968, a few days after this event, the poet Archibald McLeish wrote in the New York Times: »To see the earth as it really is, small and blue and beautiful in the eternal stillness in which it floats, is to see ourselves as riders together on the earth, brothers on this bright loveliness in the eternal cold – brothers who now know that they really are brothers.« Four hours and 36 minutes after the launch of the rocket and from a distance of around 27.000 km, William Anders took the first photo of planet Earth. (…) Öffnungszeiten anlässlich der düsseldorf photo+: Samstag, 18. Mai & Sonntag, 19. Mai, 12–16 Uhr.

Petra Rinck Galerie Aurel Dahlgrün und Tomas Kleiner ArtJunk