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Behind flying fields

Nadine Schemmann

Info: We are delighted to present Nadine Schemmann ́s first solo show at Galerie Norbert Arns. BEHIND FLYING FIELDS combines paintings, sculptural and installation works which all are made out of painted, bleached and coloured canvases. These different kinds of handling the material brings up the different aspects and intentions of the artist and the different visions the spectator is given depending on how much is shown and how much is hidden. If one is open to such an experience, there is a palpable intensity to Nadine Schemmann ́s abstract canvases. Using pared down means, her works take sensorial hold of viewers with arresting immediacy, enveloping us in sophisticated plumes of color and floating forms coagulating on raw linen. (…) – Dominic Eichler: Everything Laid Bare, 2024

Galerie Norbert Arns Nadine Schemmann ArtJunk