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Jef Geys

Info: On the occassion of Jef Geys’ retrospective You don’t see what you think you see, currently on display at Wiels in Brussels, we are happy to invite you to an exhibition showcasing works by Geys dealing with issues of camouflage, sports and refusal. On display is an arrangement of works typical to how Geys related to his local context, as a teacher, as a friend, and how he embedded his artistic practice. The exhibition presents works in the tension between dedicated social engagement and deliberate artistic refusal. The people involved are: War Jonckers, Geys’ friend and business partner at Bar 900, War’s wife Betty van Winkel, Walter van den Broeck, a friend, who a year later would publish 362.880 x Jef Geys, his novel portraying nine different Jef Geys, compiling nine chapters that could be read in multiple ways, and, central to this exhibition, 14-year-old Roger Jonckers, War’s son, who, with Geys’ guidance, gave professional race biking a shot. (…)

Galerie Max Mayer Jef Geys ArtJunk