No. 08—2024

zweiter Stock, dritte Tür

Group show featuring HanGyol Kim & Gregor Lau – conceived by Sophie von Hellermann.

Info: HanGyol Kim (*1991) lives and works between Seoul/ Karlsruhe. Since 2018, she studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, following her graduation in Art and Design at the Korea Art Academy. In her works, inner abstract landscapes are thematised, influenced by her surroundings, thoughts, and dreams. Fluid in different media, from acrylic and oil, through to charcoal, ceramics, and digital drawings, her expressive emotional works–sometimes dreamy, sometimes illusory–opens new lines of connection between the pictorial and tangible, realistic representation allowing new interfaces between the image, object and space to emerge.


Gregor Lau (*1995) lives and works in Frankfurt. Currently he’s studying at Städelschule in the class of Monika Baer. His work deals with social and geographical points of reference. Using material mostly salvaged from construction sites he creates space defining objects and installations. Location: Caprii, Orangeriestr. 6, 40213 Düsseldorf.

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