No. 26—2024

You know those ducks in that lagoon at the very centre of Schönwasserpark? That little lake? Do you know what happens to them when it gets all frozen over? Do you happen to know, by any chance? – a stone in Krefeld

Massimiliano Audretsch

Info: … the stone intoned, it’s voice resonating with Salinger’s signature blend of irreverence and melancholy. But unlike those ducks, I’m not here to swim aimlessly. I’m here to catch your attention, dear people of Krefeld, to make you pause, to make you wonder, to take a look around and perhaps to make you question the laws of nature themselves. Location: Pool Board, Lindenstr. 77, 47798 Krefeld.

Rauch Pool Board Massimiliano Audretsch ArtJunk