No. 21—2024

Zurück aus der Zukunft

Wilhelm Mundt

Info: SCHÖNEWALD is pleased to announce the new exhibition Back from the Future featuring sculptural works by Wilhelm Mundt. The artist titles his sculptures Trashstones, referring to both the technique of creation and the fascinating inner life of these sculptural works. Affectionately called lumps by some reviewers, they will be staged by the artist himself in the various spaces of the gallery. The reception of Wilhelm Mundt’s oeuvre is marked in part by the well-known Appenzell interpretation of 2007, with which the then director of the Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte in Appenzell, Roland Scotti, interpreted the lying stones as herds of a motley society. It will be interesting to see if, due to the curatorial staging of the sculptures, we will soon talk about a Flingern constellation. The large-format photographic works of Wilhelm Mundt, which will also be on view in the exhibition, are a logical further development of his sculptural work.

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