No. 25—2024

Who's afraid of black, white and beige?

TROUBLE Inc. (Michelle Elie, Troi Ollivierre, Mike Meiré)

Info: A photographic examination of identity, gender and racism is subjected to a complex reinterpretation. What role does skin color play and how does it still impact our feelings and perceptions when making decisions in human relationships? How has the political policies within the system build on color identity has been a pivotal validation on ethnic, racial oppression and segregation through discourses around value, taste, culture, methodology and the deployment of color. While race and class are still defined in black and white in large parts of society, a new consciousness shaped by social media and digitalization is increasingly shifting these conditional boundaries of gender and identity towards new collectivity and solidarity. (…)

Galerie Gisela Clement Bonn Trouble Inc ArtJunk