No. 25—2024

Stabler Horizon

Whitney Claflin & Rochelle Feinstein – Kollaboration mit Fabrice Stroun

Info: We are pleased to present Stabler Horizon, an exhibition of new works by New York based artists Whitney Claflin and Rochelle Feinstein, conceived in collaboration with curator Fabrice Stroun. When looking at a two-person show, one might be tempted to compare and contrast, and draw art-historical generalizations, especially if both artists work in the same medium, come from the same town, and belong to two distinct generations. But in doing so, one would fail to take into account that both Rochelle Feinstein’s and Whitney Claflin’s solo shows already, from the outset, look like group exhibitions. As such, each individual work in this presentation might best be approached as a singular term in an open-ended rebus. (…)

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