No. 09—2024

Die Nacht

Whitney Claflin

Info: A conversation between Whitney Claflin, Emily Hanson, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, and Teak Ramos January 19, 2024.


Whitney Claflin: Guten Tag! <3 it me

Emily Hanson: hiii

Carmen-Sibha Keiso: Hey

Teak Ramos: I’m in this bitch

EH: We were rocking w 4 time zones that was crazy lol

WC: *pitbull voice* worldwide

TR: Also all different vibes bc different parts of our day

WC: Gonna just blast that now that we’ve hung the show, I thought of the gallery space in 3 sections- lobby, kiosk/ street/ interstitial, and brain room (1st room, middle room, backroom accordingly)…

TR: The framed paintings vs. not framed vs. the nailed edge painting…

WC: I would love to frame a lot of work that I make, but I refuse to make artist frames, so, I decided to have the Die Nacht series framed to unify it… but then there’s others that I just go buck on, like with the nails… I wanted Die Nacht in black frames to match the exterior of the building the nightclub is in, but DREI suggested the white frames, which do look cleaner.. Basically I gave them the white frames in a compromise so I could hang the Oasis painting in the funky spot on the wall in the middle room, like a sticker. (…)

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