No. 08—2024

Wait, where did I leave my keys?

Julie Becker, Colin Cardinal, Bill Hayden, Tam Ochiai, Joanne Robertson, John Sandroni, Bernadette Van-Huy, Wolfgang Voigt – Conceived in collaboration with Whitney Claflin

Info: To Whom It May Concern: I don’t tend to misplace my keys. It happened recently, however, I left them at a bar a few months ago. Got them back no problem a few days later. It wasn’t that big of an issue- my front door has a digital entry code, and my boyfriend let me borrow his unit key until I could get mine back. Simple. It’s nice only having two keys: front door, unit door. No keys for a place of work, no car keys, no keys for anyone else’s place. Just two keys. I don’t have much to say about this exhibition, except that these artists have informed me and inspired me, kind of like keys to my brain. While installing this exhibition, I locked myself out of the gallery for two whole hours. Ironic! I hope you can enjoy the works in this show as much as I do. There are some lovely tangential visual coincidences, but I’m loath to spell them out, or explain anything further. Thank you, Whitney Claflin.

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