No. 16—2024

Island Flight

Victor Burgin

Info: At Second Floor, Galerie Thomas Zander is delighted to present an exhibition of new works by the British artist Victor Burgin. Blending conceptual rigour and poetic ambiguity, the exhibition investigates re­la­tions between space and memory with an impressive range of narrative and visual associations. While exploring a Mediterranean island Burgin came across the rusting remains of a car abandoned in a stand of pines. The encounter is at the origin of his digital projection work Island Flight. Based on the photographs and notes he made Burgin has reconstructed the scene in 3D computer space, elaborating upon it through written and visual representations of the associ­a­tions it prompted. In the resulting ten-minute video loop, personal memories of the island mingle with a tale from the life of Goethe, an image from a film by Antonioni and the plot of a Händel opera.

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