No. 10—2024

halbe sachen

Tom Hardwick-Allan & Stanislava Kovalcikova

Info: One Way To Teach Is To Act Like You’re Learning: The teacher stays late after the school-day’s end to do administrative work. Actually she is biding time because her teacher’s workday ends earlier than most adults’, and, this evening, after work, she and a stranger are going on a date. For a drink. Her drink order is always G+T single and has never changed. They are going to meet at 7. She has makeup that is old. Dusk comes outside the classroom. It’s winter so dusk comes early. It’s winter – January and cold. In the place where the light disappears, along that seam, there’s a road aglow with cars going to or leaving home. Most cars made in the last five years are silver or black and strangely similar in shape. As though it makes something easier. It may. They have tinted windows and sunroofs, and then there are vans and lorries and motorbikes. Red, red sunset. (…)

Galerie Khoshbakht Tom Hardwick Allan Stanislava Kovalcikova ArtJunk