No. 25—2024

The Future Never Sat Still

Tiril Hasslknippe

Info: Meanwhile, a group of three women trudged along an empty, deserted beach, a scene that suggests they are the sole survivors of the beloved planet Earth and the protagonists of this unpleasant scenario. »Things change when the air changes«, whispered one of them into the silent emptiness of the shore, on whose horizon a towering wave, a mountain of blue, piled up, glistening in the sun, radiating blueness, reflected for the last time in the abandoned city. One of them thought of the end of the world by water, the end of the world by air, by isolation, squabbles. »And so, in my mind’s eye, these coastal forms merge and blend in a shifting, kaleidoscopic pattern in which there is no finality, no final and fixed reality – the earth becomes fluid like the sea itself.«

DREI Galerie Tiril Hasselknippe ArtJunk