No. 10—2024


Galerie Tobias Naehring zeigt Timo Seber

Info: It has been a while since Timo Seber had a show in the Rhineland. Back in August 2013, when he had his show at the Bonner Kunstverein, it was my first week at work. Just starting with my curatorial trainee I had the lovely challenge to help his new works that he place sporadically in the massive space. Big mats of a rough coconut weave with a transparent layer floating on top. The layers showing images and quotes of a certain story that fascinated him. Those layers played beautifully with the disturbing subject, the death of a baby in the Australian desert allegedly by a Dingo; the texture of the fabric reflecting on the roughness of the terrain and the story; and a the fact that it was just really hard to wrap your mind around that story – if you check one of the streaming services, they might have a real crime mini series on the case (and of course there is a book). (…)

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