No. 24—2024


Thomas Lohr

Info: In Himmelblau, Thomas Lohr photographs the clear, cloudless sky from different locations around the world. While the place from which he takes each photo varies dramatically, the photographs themselves are necessarily of the same sky; only close scrutiny reveals subtle variations in light and colour between them. This is Lohr’s purpose. Rather than accenting formal or aesthetic differences between views of the sky, the photographer uses the technology of the camera to evidence their commonality. We all live under the same blue sky. We all look up at the same blue sky. And the act of looking up is perhaps as near to a universal human experience as there is. Himmelblau absorbs its viewer into the sky’s blue immensity without letting them forget where it is that they stand. (…) As part of the LRRH_AERIAL chapter_² / Kite #2.

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