No. 20—2024

The Long And Winding

Joanne Greenbaum, Ulrike Schulze

Info: Joanne Greenbaum (*1953 New York) lives and works in New York. The abstract works of Joanne Greenbaum have made her become the role model of a young generation of American abstract painters. The special quality of Greenbaum’s painting is reflected in a playful style abstraction. She never follows prescribed forms of abstract pictorial invention, but makes the permanent attempt to create new form configurations and gestural paint applications by using a variety of painting techniques and colors that lead to the creation of a complex cosmos. Ulrike Schulze (*1985 in Dormagen) lives and works in Cologne. The poetic and spatial installations by Ulrike Schulze consist of puristic works which relate to the figurative or architectural. At first glance, they derive from the tradition of formal minimalism, while at second glance they are outgrow by the delicate and very personal approach to material and space. The intuitive autonomy and manner of emancipation within space are crucial for the artist. Her abstract and corporal works elude a distinct shape and subjectively occupy the space. Small indented or incised spots which overtly expose reactions of the material and let the unobtrusive turn into importance.

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