No. 22—2024

Rock, Paper, Sun

Tarrah Krajnak

Info: Galerie Thomas Zander is pleased to present the first exhibition of new work by Peruvian-American artist Tarrah Krajnak. Her work engages with the canon of modern photography and challenges its framing of American landscape and the female model, touching on ideas of nature, beauty, female agency and identity. In Krajnak’s earlier acclaimed series Master Rituals, the artist uses the camera, her body and performance to engage with the work of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston through acts of erasure, redaction, and re-enactment. The series consists of gelatin silver prints, book interventions, writing, video, and live performance. In her new work, Krajnak builds a different relationship with the land, engaging in direct contact with the natural world and paying homage to women artists who developed an alternative landscape photography centering around the body and the earth. This exhibition brings together new performance based works that grew out of several years of ritualized forms of writing and experimental photography. The works are grounded in ecopoetic thinking and the desire to access embodied forms of knowledge through attention to the environment, to the body’s presence, and to the rhythms of daily life. Across these works the artist seeks to form empathetic connections with the bodies of other beings – human and non-human, real and imagined, living and dead. Each photograph documents a direct contact with the natural world. (…)

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