No. 25—2024



Info: The twofold nature of bodily experience — having a body and being a body — should not be understood as a dualism, but as a duality: a unity of two complementary perspectives. Being a body and having a body are two inseparable aspects of our existence, mutually dependent. Nowhere else is this more evident than in sports. Although we train our body to perform certain movements, trying to harness its full physical potential, it cannot be reduced to a mere tool, subordinate to our mind. (…) Nectar Sports is a homage to the moving body. The photographs open our eyes to the sideshows of sport; invite us to pause in the midst of dynamic movements; honour all those moments that normally escape our attention due to their fleeting nature. They reveal to us the beauty of mobility and strength as they intertwine, make us re-live the tension of our body during a fast movement, and remind us how it feels when beads of sweat evaporate on our heated neck and every pore craves for oxygen: in physical exertion we reach the limits of our endurance, and yet at no other moment do we feel more alive.

Rauch Space Studio Nectar ArtJunk