No. 25—2024


Patricia Dominguez, Elektra KB, Rachel Libeskind

Info: Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Nature is striking. There is no rain falling from the skies, or if it rains, it is falling to flood entire cities. People are striking. Nature is protesting. So are people. European summer of discontent. In some parts of the world discontent is larger than a summer. But for some it is about decades of discontent. Discontent produces materials: Images. History is a construction of images settled down in a new narrative. The endeavour is to confront images with(in) a new physical material (latex, silicone, fiberglass netting, different type of PVC, ripstock, felt, cotton) and stripped down from content until the nakedness of the stretch bar to pose a question. What is the value of the grid nowdays? And the singular male artistic canon? Images confront to produce legitimate claims: ¿dónde están? Where are they? (The missing after police violence). Justice claims while recapturing the handmade long work around textiles.

Wildpalms Rachel Libeskind ArtJunk