No. 25—2024

Still Life

Stefan Marx

Info: Stefan Marx presents in his solo exhibition Still Life at Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne new type works as well as a motif series with fruit still lifes, flower and frog paintings. The unmistakable appearance of the type works has evolved with the artist over the years, but always retained its rounded forms, which – not least through unexpected line breaks and coloration – play with the perception and resonance of the viewer. The poetry of the formulations and the painterly realization combine to create precise works – the series Still Life comprises almost monochrome works, which in their joint composition describe a still life in the space of the gallery. The paintings show figurative motifs, which are inscribed with a humorous, optimistic character and through the entirety of the exhibition carry a lightness and contagious positivity, which effortlessly radiates against the central silence of the last two years.

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