No. 26—2024

Their scream went to the heavens

Soraya Sharghi

Info: We are pleased to announce the second solo exhibition with New York based artist Soraya Sharghi under the title Their scream went to the heavens. Soraya Sharghi reinvents and rediscovers an ancient visual imaginary and medium of knowledge divulgation. Sharghi transforms, via means of colour and symbolism, elements of fabula and mythology into a contemporary discourse. The artist uses the superflat technique, as the tradition of artists like Takashi Murakami or Andy Warhol, and invites the viewer to a world of imagination, where the characters are depicted in metaphorical and parallel realities to the ones surrounding society. Sharghi and her silk-screen acrylic paintings, have countless layers of depth in her elaborated compositions, accompanied by an equivalent profundity of levels of understanding.

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