No. 22—2024

Shannon Bool at Online Viewing Room & 2nd Gallery Space

Shannon Bool

Info: Shannon Bool’s new project for our Viewing Room is simultaneously on view in the gallery. Referring to modernist conceptions of space, Shannon Bool’s new lamp object Milk Lamp defines the experience of the real and illusionistic site of the exhibition as well as of the photo collages on display. Ten lamps with porcelain shades create a filigree lighting. Alluding to the Le Corbusier’s Lampe de Marseille, an icon of the modernist creed form follows function, Shannon Bool subtly transfers this rationality to the sphere of human emotions. For the porcelain lampshades are casts of various breast-pump attachments. In this regard, Milk Lamp becomes a metaphor of the complexity of interpersonal experience that is ultimately choreographed by the objects and architectures surrounding us. (…) Visit the Online Viewing Room here →

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