No. 16—2024

Second Hand

Sara Sizer

Info: Sara Sizer’s current works in the exhibition Second Hand are paintings on velvet, which in their vibrant radiance, testify to an inner natural beauty. In this group of works, Sara Sizer makes use of the capillary effect of paint on velvet for her artistic intention. Wide, painted brushstrokes relate through their positioning, color and contact with each other, changing automatically over the course of several hours. Defined, hard edge strokes evolve over time into breathing zones of color with pulsating edges while opaque areas of color mutate into translucent surfaces. These images are initiated by the artist, she sows the seed and DNA of the image which then seems to grow out of itself independently. Colors and forms come into contact with each other, they blossom and branch out into filigree structures with sometimes illusionistic spatiality. Like nature, the works’ poignancy, beauty and meaning lie in the process of its own making, and our willingness to meet it halfway closes the circle.

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