No. 10—2024

Night Porter

Robert Huber

Info: »Sorting through his things that week, he’d found a lot of photographs he’d forgotten. Not only the hotel, or the boat and everything else he’d taken pictures of back then, but her too; asleep, swimming, combing her hair, or just looking at him, smiling. When things go sour, those weren’t the kind of things you want to see again.


They’d taken him back, remembering the lap of the waves against the shoreline, the warmth rising from her sleeping form as he bent over her, dark eyelashes fluttering in response to the beat of her heart. (…)« Gesonderte Öffnungszeiten: Fr–So, 8.–10. Dezember, 19–22 Uhr.

Galerie Norbert Arns Robert Huber ArtJunk