No. 09—2024


Sho Ohta, Pyeori Jung, Sangmin Oh – Pim Top (Pool Board Series)

Info: Knit Pigment curates spaces that immerse people in a vibrant, multi-sensory experience, showing the rich tapestry of hues that exist around us. They aim to show equality through colors with artists. Run by Ae Office and Sangmin Oh. Their first edition, PINKDOM, focuses on telling the stories of pink through artists: Sho Ota, Pyeori Jung, and Sangmin Oh. The final collage work is created by Pim Top. Sho works with wood, Pyeori specializes in aluminum, and Sangmin focuses on textiles. Their shared passion for color expression stems from their hidden love for pink. They transform their favorite materials, blending them with the color pink, to create what they’ve envisioned as the pink kingdom. The term PINKDOM itself invites various interpretations, displaying their playful wordplay. Location: RAUCH, Südstr. 49 & Pool Board, Lindenstr. 77, 47798 Krefeld.

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