No. 10—2024

Bar Putti Archive

Pablo Schlumberger

Info: Since 2018, Bar Putti has appeared and disappeared at various locations. This love child seems to pop up whenever it pleases, and is not easily tamed. It is to the merit of Schlumberger to have come up with a strategy for containing these putti and exhibiting them to the general public. Has the plan worked? Putti tend to freeze and hide in plain sight. But the moment you relax and sip your drink, they might creep up from behind to shoot their shot, adding some love potion to the mix. Chemistry lives off the element of surprise. A smiling baby is a chemist, triggering the release of hormones in your brain. The smiling baby is also the world’s most successful meme, endlessly multiplying itself via the joyful reactions of adults. Putti have survived many eras and religions, often by overtaking them from within, like in churches or on the facades of buildings. This again shows that Cupid is not just the child of Venus but also of Mars, the god of war. (…)

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