No. 08—2024

(OP)-Mayer's World – Hans Mayer's Kinetic Art

Martha Boto, Pol Bury, Hugo Demarco, Karl Gerstner, Marta Hoepffner, Julio Le Parc, Horacio Garcia Rossi, Nicolas Schöffer, Francisco Sobrino, Wen-Ying Tsai, Gregorio Vardanega, Victor Vasarely, Nanda Vigo, Jean-Pierre Yvaral

Info: In collaboration with Galerie Hans Mayer, we are thrilled to present an exhibition in the memory of Hans Mayer, which focuses on Op-Art and Kinetic art in relationship to the beginning years of Hans Mayer’s gallery. The exhibition will encompass all floors of the Schmela Haus and will activate its architecture in the spirit of the times when it was built.

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