No. 22—2024


Norbert Möslang

Info: The »Ömega«-form appears as a silhouette of a figure. It is, of course, a reference to the 1971 dystopian science fiction film »Omega Man« starring Charlton Heston. Is the »Ömega«-form a »cipher of the end times«? »Ömega Man« is an atomic mushroom-like figure, a head-legged creature. »Man« here, however, is to be understood rather gender-neutrally, because the »Ömega Man« suggests both sexes. In any case, the figure of the »Ömega Man« has something demonic about it. To make it sound, was the aim of this exhibition. Together with the radiating sonor waves, »Ömega Man« becomes a cryptic sign. »The sound of the doom is a roar.« However, the sign itself is a positively cut-out form – after all, it is not a surface with holes negatively cut into it like in Fontana but a positive form carved out of sheet metal. In formal terms, any impending doom is confronted with a fully positive stance. (…)

Interview + interview montage:

Max Dax, August 2021

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