No. 08—2024

Scheiße alles

Niklas Taleb

Info: We talk on the phone and laugh a bit as well out of embarrassment and although and maybe also because there’s not much to laugh about at the moment. I remember that I was deeply touched when I first saw Niklas Taleb’s works. First, I wasn’t quite sure why. Then, I thought that it had something to do with relationships, or a/his being in relation with the world that his pictures convey so beautifully. The possibility of just that, all that. They talk about a surprisingly tender way to relate to this world, that I have somehow lost or don’t have, cannot touch upon, or now. I read an excerpt of The Coming Insurrection, a book by The Invisible Committee, that I had read years ago, in the recent issue of Purple magazine, online. It begins with: Attach yourself to what you feel to be true. Begin there. And later: There’s a truth beneath every gesture, every practice, every relationship, and every situation. We usually just avoid it, manage it, which produces the madness of so many in our era. In reality, everything involves everything else. Taleb doesn’t seem to manage truth. But he might help us see some of it. You may fail to see/ be when nobody is watching. (…)

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