No. 08—2024


Mitchell Kehe

Info: We are delighted to announce Mitchell Kehe’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Khoshbakht. Animal-like and botanical, amorphous and anatomical, symmetrical and off-kilter, the multiple layers of Mitchell Kehe’s works carry a protean potential that allows them to take on a variety of shapes and forms. Most are made on synthetic fabrics which often already have something going on, a significant texture, pattern, transparency, dirt, wear and tear, stains etc. What’s applied to these fabrics includes traditional mediums like acrylic and oil paint but also high gloss metal enamel, flocking, PVA glue, tape and occasionally small objects. With layers upon layers varying in texture, thickness and opacity, these works hold much more than is revealed in a customary head-on examination of a flat image. The physical presence of the object seems to carry more importance than a typical reading of the content of the image. The surfaces, often stretched and unstretched repeatedly, carrying signs of wear and tear, are what embeds those compositions in the world in a different way: not only as objects but as its elements. They feel less like floating images in the vacuum of a gallery space and more like objects extruded through a life, carrying a multitude of identities while dodging any single reading. (…)

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