No. 25—2024

Acker Acker

Michael Günzer

Info: Michael Günzer (*1982, DE) presents his first solo exhibition Acker Acker at POP;68 in Cologne. Two groups of works are at the center of the exhibition, showing human bodies or sections of them in different techniques and materiality. In their painterly translation, the figuration blurs in places into an autonomous abstraction that – through multiple applications of paint and subsequent sanding – arises from a barely controllable moment. The canvases place the depicted, unadulterated bodies in versatile contexts, they are intertwined, they wrestle and tussle with each other. Their contours sometimes appear clear and precise, sometimes blurred and hazy while creating moments of irritation that the eye lingers on. The works on paper, series of portraits that reproduce the ever-same motif, while telling an ever-different story, represent duplications of themselves. The deformations and discolorations of their simulacra create nuanced shifts in facial expressions, atmosphere, and its impact. In tedious, ongoing processes, fruits of a protracted work emerge gradually, draw furrows in the artist’s body of work that is embedded in and has risen out of contemporary conditions.

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