No. 26—2024

Morgen kommt der Fensterputzer


Info: Meuser (*1947 in Essen) presents his first solo exhibition Morgen kommt der Fensterputzer at Ruttkowski;68 in Düsseldorf. Black coal and hot steel, post-war years and economic miracles – contributory factors that shape a person for life; from the use of leftovers and improvisations, through the hard material of everyday life to a laconic humour. Meuser combines found material, mostly iron and steel elements, into abstract entities with metaphorical references. He further adds a distortion to these objects by applying paint or by hanging them. While Meuser’s earlier works of untreated steel were mostly cleary recognizable as being from the construction industry, steel skeletons and double-T girders, his current works increasingly evoke the playful basic element of modern architecture, plasticity and transparency, without any functionality. The titles of the artworks are also connected to this, freely placed in space – a kind of abstraction that becomes a Dadaist reflection on form and shape. As a bold conglomerate of his masters Joseph Beuys and Erwin Heerich, as well as a Ruhr prodigy of German Abstract Expressionism, Meuser creates sculptural as well as pictorial three-dimensional realities of banal beauty.

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