No. 10—2024

changing light

Melike Kara

Info: In her practice, Kara continuously engages with her Kurdish heritage and ancestral memory. Given that the Kurdish people do not own land and rarely have access to institutional resources, it is up to families and communities to pass on knowledge and memories from generation to generation. Kara uses her art in favor of such an oral history. Like all titles chosen by Kara, changing light is a poetic reflection. For nw9, Kara created a site-specific installation covering all windows of the exhibition space with enlarged archival photographs of the Kurdish mountains. The translucent black-and-white images of diasporic land enter into a dialogue with the urban environment of Barbarossaplatz. At the same time, the work takes on a mediating role between the gallery space and the rush of city life unfolding right in front of it. Blurry at close inspection and sharp from a distance, they take on an Impressionist quality, revealing an image of memory in the blink of an eye.

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