No. 25—2024

Little »Sandy Beach« Boy

Lukas Marxt

Info: The works in Little »Sandy Beach« Boy consider site in a manner that engulfs factuality and fiction, metaphors, and borrowings. Rooted on a research-based approach they are part of a larger body of work by Lukas Marxt, including moving-image-based works, sculptures, sound pieces and archival material collected over the past five years that documents and disseminates the stories of Salton Sea. Areas of the lake were used in the context of military exercises and preparations by the American army leading up to the creation of the two atomic bombs that were used in 1945. According to now declassified and publicly accessed information the first trials were conducted in this area. Yet these violent histories are invisible on site. Their direct aftermath still plagues local communities and has created a very tangible and real impact on their daily lives. Furthering an artistic interest rooted in archaeological research the works in the exhibition operate through documents and signs. Some of them are re-creations, both in form and design. The one-to-one recreation of the Litte Boy is based off a model, a collectable of military memorabilia that was and still is very popular among certain circles in the US. (…)