No. 24—2024

chapter_² – Kite #1: Eddy

Christian Aberle

Info: Eddy is the first show of LRRH_ Aerial chapter_² – Kite. The series on display combines six kites, hand-painted with dispersion on nylon kite-fabric. The chosen, rhombic prototype shape is called Eddy, after its inventor William A. Eddy (1896–1962). The single kites of the series can be combined into one object. The contour of this combination is no longer diamond-shaped but more reminiscent of a grenade, plug or heraldry. This outline, in turn, determines the central colour area of six in each kite. The gentle, hard-edged colour modulations in each area cause the surface to look like it has creases. The dispersal of the polygonal colour fields was defined by connecting the four corner points of all kites with all others. The resulting composition is crystal clear and dissecting and the same goes for the range of colours. The kite tails, made of shimmering braid, are puffy in comparison, causing a tender disjunction. Eddy #1–6 are absolutely airworthy. To imagine these highly delicate and time-wrought paintings exposed to the whims of the wind is nonetheless exciting. During the exhibition we will present further editions by Daniel Baker, byebyebn, May Hands, Paulina Hoffmann, Hugo Holger Schneider, Björn Schülke and Christian Aberle.

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