No. 24—2024

The Opposite of Peace is the Weapon, the Opposite of the Weapon is the Heart

Lotte Maiwald

Info: Proceeding from a formally unconventional practice of cutting and mounting the nettle fabric on which she paints, Lotte Maiwald creates hybrid pictorial works between disassembled or folded painting, banner, and textile wall installation. An alumna of Peter Doig, her colourful, partly space-grasping paintings on subtly sculptural nettle fabric are simply tacked to the wall. What appears to be harmless turns out to be a world you don’t want to live in. Although their concrete reference to place and time cannot be determined, the depictions refer to the process of marking, demarcating, and securing a certain terrain, and ultimately negotiate being-in-the-world as a non-self-evident condition.

Sies und Höke Lotte Maiwald ArtJunk