No. 24—2024


Lothar Götz

Info: The work in this show exhibits two contrasting scales. On entering, you are greeted by a series of intense, small, abstract A4 drawings displayed through the gallery spaces, while beyond these, stretching like a backdrop in the rear gallery, is a single large 10m long wall painting. The small drawings are worked up in both colour pencil and more translucent watercolour washes, using a variety of toned papers, which give the works di ering blue, cream, black and green grounds. The works are selected from several series that Götz has been working on. They range from the spinning, ludic shapes of Rotation – Crimson (2022), to the more dreamy, shifting surfaces of May (2021), the harlequin patterning of Celebration (2022) and the more dynamic juxtaposition of form and line in his Triadic Ballet series, which references the work of Oskar Schlemmer, such as Conversation with a Modernist Idea (2021). The latter re ects the strong in uence of early modernism and the Bauhaus in his work, seen here also in other drawings , including Conversation with Sophie-Taeuber-Arp/3 (2021) inspired by the work of the Swiss artist. In addition, a striking drawing with a more centred yet fractured series of forms, comes from Götz’ recent Volcano series. In all the works seem to strike di erent tones and moods across the gallery spaces, from the playful to the almost mystic. (…)

Petra Rinck Galerie Lothar Goetz ArtJunk