No. 10—2024

I Absolutely Love You [work in two pandemics]

Linda Matalon

Info: Linda Matalon’s abstract works on paper and objects are based on a dynamic sculptural process involving body, space and action. Matalon infuses her sheets of paper with wax and graphite, applying one layer after the other and then scratching or erasing them in subsequent steps. Her works combine Minimal Art’s structural approach with the gauging of body-space relations that can be found in Performance Art. Linda Matalon’s early career indeed began in the 1970s with a highly acclaimed group of wax and metal sculptures. Sharing concerns with Joseph Beuys’ Social Sculpture, her works define the relationship between subject and social environment on an abstract, corporeal level. In this regard, Matalon’s pieces appear as subversive figures that communicate what is unsaid, excluded corporeality, to the outside.

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