No. 09—2024

Wellblech Bilder

Kaoli Mashio

Info: Neither crystalline brilliance nor splendor lie hidden in rusty corrugated iron; instead, it embodies pragmatism, protection, color, and time, along with its own surface texture – Mashio seems to show a renewed interest in these attributes in each of her works. During a longer stay in Japan, the artist’s attention was repeatedly drawn to one of these facades. Mashio’s Wellblechbilder are based on her first encounter with the facade, on its initial impact, or rather impression, on an aspect that would change with each new visit. This place provided a kind of hold to the artist, and occasion to find an answer what to paint – how to go on with painting. While the initial pictures are still directly inspired by the rusty, brownish color of the facade, they gradually shift their focus to skin, and perhaps therefore to the body as the place where memory is contained. (…)

Galerie Khoshbakht Kaoli Mashio ArtJunk