No. 20—2024

Julia Whitney Barnes

Info: This year we are more than delighted to present the outstanding work by Julia Whitney Barnes. Julia Whitney Barnes creates paintings and site-specific installations in a variety of public and private venues. Her maximalist work is inspired by richly patterned buildings, as well as through images and videos she collects or takes herself. Other influences include patterned surfaces from around the world: stained-glass windows, traditional quilts, and paintings from every time period, but first and foremost by nature. Nocturnal Nature is a new body of work by artist Julia Whitney Barnes, and is revealed as a series of works on paper that combine watercolor and gouache paintings on watercolor paper treated by cyanotype. The paintings depict botanical arrangements that allude to different seasons and times of day. She approaches each growing thing with equal importance, whether it is a weed, a rare species, a wildflower or a cultivated plant. (…)

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